The Exchange Tales: Pascal Kofi Adjesu On His Year Living And Studying In Togo

Pascal Kofi Adjesu

Pascal Kofi Adjesu, a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) student at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), took advantage of an exchange opportunity to travel to and study in Togo for a year.

He was based at Village Du Benin, a language school in Lomé, Togo, from 2019-2020.

According to Pascal, he decided to undertake the exchange programme at Village Du Benin because he identified the school as one of the best institutions to help him achieve his academic ambitions as a French student, while adding that going to Togo made economical sense.

“I went to Togo because it is closer to Ghana which makes it economical. Also, I wanted to appreciate the diversities of culture and also to have a tour of the incredible landmarks in the country,” he said.

Pascal Kofi Adjesu

Pascal indicated Village Du Benin provided a conducive environment to enable him to accomplish his academic goals as a French student. According to him, Village Bu Benin had the necessary resources that helped him “maximize his assimilation.”

Pascal also recounted some challenges he faced while living in Togo. As a Ghanaian student living in Togo, he had to convert the Cedis to the West African CFA franc, and the exchange rate affected him sometimes.

“It was difficult sometimes when it came to finances. The exchange rate was not stable. The rising and fall of the cedis made life a bit challenging,” he said.

Aside from the issues he had with the exchange rate, Pascal enjoyed his stay in Togo. He recounted how different Togo’s transportation system was from that of Ghana, which he described as fascinating.

“The transportation system in Togo is quite fascinating and traffic-free in a kind of a way. I really liked that.”

He also attended and helped organised exciting social gatherings while in Togo. “I attended social gatherings like soirée and atelier, and I was part of the organizing committee. It was fun,” he said

Pascal Kofi Adjesu with his friends in Togo

Through these social events, Pascal made new friends in Togo and from other African countries including Nigeria.

After highlighting all the amazing experiences he had while studying and living in Togo, Pascal went on to encourage other students to take advantage of exchange opportunities

“It’s an avenue to open up your horizon about a group of people on their culture and other things. You also get to know what makes them unique compared to your country. Not only in the field of study that you find yourself but other ways and that even helps you develop new ideas to help your country.”


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