Miss Netflix’s The Witcher? The Mobile Game Is Out Now

Image via GameSkinny

After Game of Thrones brought out people’s inner fantasy nerds (on a global scale) and then let us all down thoroughly with it’s last season, fans everywhere wanted to feel that immersion again. Netflix’s The Witcher is a show that had high expectations set for it, and still it didn’t miss.

The show introduced us to Henry Cavill’s Geralt, a monster hunting mutant on a quest that soon has viewers at the edge of their seats. Unfortunately though, the next season of The Witcher is still in production and nowhere near ready for our screens.


Image via GameSkinny

Gwent is a mobile that is based on the world and lore of The Witcher with the characters that we have already come to love and more. Gwent is a real-time online trading card game that requires you to collect various character cards with unique attributes and use those cards to defeat your opponent in a point-based strategy game.

Although it’s a little hard to pick-up at first, once you get through the tutorial, the game is actually a lot of fun and also adequately competitive.

Gwent is available for both android and iOS.

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