#FixTheCountry: Young Ghanaians Recollect Traumatic Period Of Unemployment After Completing NSS

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A rite of passage for every Ghanaian who goes through the formal education system goes like this: enroll in the basic school system, move up to the Junior High and then Senior High schools before hopefully, entering the tertiary level.

Once you are done with your tertiary education, you are mandated by law to undertake one year of national service – after that one year then you’re on your own.

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Life hits differently when after labouring yourself for one year, you are not maintained at the place you were posted to and you have no job offers from any connection of yours.

You’d find yourself back home, living with your parents contributing nothing to home maintenance and always questioning yourself about your future.

What makes it even difficult is the feeling of falling behind your friends who have jobs and can’t stop posting photos of themselves at work. It affects one’s self-esteem and can even force you to withdraw from your friends.

If you are not from a home where your parents can continue supporting you then you have to find ways and means to survive.

A worried person. Photo credit: (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Many people who have gone through this period of unemployment after the National Service report issues of great mental health problems and living through a traumatic period of time.

The emotional stress of being unemployed takes a huge toll on the young person who had graduated with high hopes but not met with huge uncertainties about their future.


Fixing the country, for people who have gone through this period of time means, ensuring that there is availability of job for young graduates to start their life.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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