5 Rules For A Mess-Free Friends With Benefits Situationship

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The way a Friends With Benefits relationship is set up, if you’re not careful, someone will catch feelings and it will end up spoiling a very good thing. FWB should have rules with govern their relationship. They should be something that they both look up to so they don’t cross boundaries.

1. Stay emotionally neutral

As said earlier, if you or the other person catches feelings, you complicate the relationship. You need to do this with no emotions involved which means, when you see them flirting or being with other people, you have no right to be jealous and this applies vice versa.

2. Let your expectations be clearly known

Let whoever you’re with know that this is the type of arrangement you want so they’re not blindsided into something they don’t want to do.

3. Choose wisely

If you’re already friends with this person, think about how it will affect the dynamic of the relationship. Also, think about the type of person you’re asking to be in this situationship. Can they handle it? Are you considering doing this with your work colleague? We definitely would not recommend. A roommate/housemate? Think of how awkward it will be when they bring a different person over or if you 2 ended things. Choose wisely

4. Speak your (sex) mind

Let them know what you’re expecting from them. Let them know the things you want to do. They should also state theirs so you’re both clear on the sexual part. If you’re entering a friends with benefits situation, you need to be satisfied with the sex otherwise what is the point?

5. Stay safe

No matter what, use a condom. You don’t know how many arrangements like these your partner has with other people. Be safe so you don’t catch something.

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