5 Different Types Of People You’ll Meet When Working On A Group Assignment

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You’ve definitely met all of the people in this list. Chances are, it’s going to make you nostalgic. If you’ve ever worked on a group assignment, we’re sure you’ll know these different people.

1. Group Leader

Thing is, nobody really made them group leader. They just sort of became that because nobody else was serious about the assignment. They created a WhatsApp group so everyone contributes but more than half of the time, they’re the only ones who really understand the assignment so they contribute the most.

2. The clueless ones

When discussing how to finish the assignment, these ones just keep exclaiming, asking if the lecturer has covered certain topics and once people respond in the affirmative, they “shock” all over again. These people probably didn’t know about the assignment in the first place until they were added into the WhatsApp group.

3. The one who’s just there

They’re always present for group meetings but they never contribute. They’re only there for moral support😹. If you ask them anything, they’ll say they don’t know and are usually on their phones. They just want to be added to the list of people who did the assignment.

4. Nerd

This person is the one who actually does the work. This person is usually different from the group leader because they don’t like talking; they just want the work done perfectly so they get a high score. If group members stress them, they’ll tell them to relax, they’ll do the assignment and add their names. If you have a proper nerd in your group, you know you’re going to score high marks.

5. The Ghost

You’ll never see this person speak in the WhatsApp group or you’ll not see them in any group meeting but when it’s time for the presentation, they appear from nowhere, begging you to add their names to the presentation list.

Which of these people have you experienced? Which of them were you?

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