Ladies, Here Are 5 Reasons Why Guys Easily Fall Out Of Love With You

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He is no more texting or calling like the beginning, even when you text, he delays in replying. He is always busy with an assignment or forgets to text back. You notice that he is falling out of love with you. It is normal to ask yourself if you are the problem or something is wrong with him. Here are five reasons why guys easily fall out of love.

1. He’s no more attracted to you

He got close to you because he found something attractive about you. As the saying goes ‘‘A man you use food to get you still need  food to keep’’, so you still need to do whatever you were doing to get him.

Even though it’s difficult to be the same person overtime because our body changes and we grow, the relationship should not taking for granted or complacency should not be a choice.

2. There’s nothing new anymore

You have shown him all the positions, you have exhibited all your skills, and you have narrated all the stories. There is nothing new to discover about you. You can no more surprise him because he has already seen all. Men do not like that, keep some things to yourself and release them when you want to spice up the relationship.

3. There’s another lady in the picture

There are times you are doing all you can but his attention has been shifted towards another girl. It can be an unfinished business with an ex or a ‘‘beautiful brand new girl ’’ he just found on Instagram. Relationship is about commitment but unfortunately, some men are not guided by commitment to one partner.

4. He just isn’t ready for a serious relationship

Some guys are not ready for serious relationshipdue to various reasons such as   fear of commitment, not knowing what exactly hewants, not being in love at the beginning. In this case, no matter what you will do you will be the only one fighting for the relation to sustain.

5. Lack of compatibility

Compatibility is very important in relationship. It can be the two of you having the same traits as in you are both introverts or you are both sexually ultra-active. Another way is when your traits complement as in you like talking and he likes listening or you like spending and he likes sponsoring. Guys fall out in love also when they realised their plans, dreams do not align with that of partner.


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