#FixTheCountry: A Young Person’s Cry For A Better Ghana

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A country goes beyond its geographical location and borders with other neighbouring countries.

It goes beyond the different regions or states that band together to form the country.

A country comes to life because of its people. Citizens choosing to identify as a member of that particular country.

As a result, if a country must work… it must work for its citizens and all aspects of their lives.

While all the citizens put a few people in charge of running their country, they expect that those in charge will manage their resources for the benefit of all and not just a few or just those who wholeheartedly agree to their political traditions.

To this end, they expect to have access to the best of healthcare, education, housing. Law and order that works for all and treats people equal, social amenities, good economic status and the atmosphere for business growth, personal prosperity, among others.


When these things do not exist or do not match the expectation of the People, then there is growing discontent among them.

When corruption becomes endemic, the law is shy of the rich and powerful, assess to basic needs becomes a hardened negotiation, and the rulers only favour a few, then this social contract is threatened.

It then gives the people the right to civil disobedience and a platform to check the rulers and speak truth to power.

Ghana Patriotism Image. Image via Instagram/Solomonjr

That is what the hashtag #FixTheCountry is seeking to achieve.

An online generated movement that is telling, rather than asking, those in charge to honour their part of the contract for everyone who identifies as a Ghanaian, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, and even sexual orientation as enshrined in the many international treaties the country has signed willingly.

#FixTheCountry is a rallying cry from the young of today, who are staring into a bleak near future and unsure of their prospects, to leaders of today telling them to do the job they begged to be voted for to do.


In today’s age most protests start online, ramp up awareness and recruit others who buy into the message.

Now the pressure is mounting…. #FixTheCountry.

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