Agnes Serwaa Appiah: The Young Creative Making Great Strides In Different Fields

Agnes Serwaa Appiah (photo credit: TypeOne Imagery)

Agnes Serwaa Appiah, growing up, dreamed and fantasized of seeing herself in the limelight doing what she has a passion for—acting and modelling. Even though she had a passion for acting and modelling, she had no one to support her and thought of giving up on her dreams until she was discovered by Bernard Kabu, her manager.

“He [Bernard Kabu] discovered me when I was then doing photoshoots for fun and had no idea about the creative industry,” she revealed.

Bernard Kabu and Agnes Serwaa Appiah

Bernard Kabu is, however, proud of discovering Serwaa and indicated how amazing, hardworking and ambitious she is.

“She is fun to work with, although sometimes she can really stand on her grounds and make sure that you do what she wants you to do but she is fun to work with. When I first met her just taking pictures, to her, was just fun but to me it was business. I knew something good could come out of her and I decided to go for her. And she didn’t hesitate in accepting me as her manager. Initially, she took it as a joke but I knew what I saw in her and we have come this far. She is intelligent, she’s smart, she’s determined and she knows what she wants in life. She’s just excellent and perfect at what she does.”

Serwaa is a 23-year-old actress, model, singer and content creator. She had her senior high school education at Presbyterian Secondary Technical School, Aburi and acquired her HND in Secretaryship and Management Studies at Government Secretarial School.

Agnes Serwaa Appiah

Winning a content creation challenge

Serwaa recently won a content creation challenge, Activ8, organised by Kanekalon – a Japanese beauty organisation. The contest required competitors to create visual contents based on weekly tasks.

According to Serwaa, the contest helped her discover more about herself with regards to her potential.

“It was a very enlightening and interesting challenge that helped me discover a lot of potentials I never thought I had and I’m super grateful to Kanekalon,” she said.

Agnes Serwaa Appiah receiving the award for winning the Activ8 competition

Interestingly, Activ8, is the first contest that Serwaa has ever participated in, and she reveals how supportive and influential her family was in motivating her to succeed.

“At first, I did not know why I joined. The morale and support I had from my family pushed me into it just to see how it works, and when I joined, OMG, I did not even realize how soaked I was in the challenge to show my creativity and potential to the world. Seeing how my other competitors were skilled and talented, made me want to do better and here I am… With flying colours.”

Agnes Serwaa Appiah

Her acting career

Serwaa started her acting career in 2020. So far she has starred in two unreleased TV series and a TV commercial.

“I made my debut in Sarah Koblyn’s Quarantine with Bae Season 2 whose first season won an award at the UMB Ghana Tertiary Awards,” she said.

“Currently, I’m starring in the biggest film project of my life titled Barz, written, directed and produced by award-winning writer Selasie Yao. I’m working with film stars like Delove August, Willy Chembers, Aaliyah and many more on this project.”

Agnes Serwaa Appiah

“I recently did a TV commercial for Super Yogo, a product from FanMilk Ghana which is yet to be released,” she added.

Aside from acting and modelling, Serwaa also runs a talent agency which she and her manager established.

“I’m now in business with my manager. Apart from him personally managing me, I’m the co-founder of Limelyte Creatives, a talent agency my manager and I started together.”

She is also the brand ambassador and content creator for Apparel Godds and Kaneka Ghana.

Agnes Serwaa Appiah (photo credit: TypeOne Imagery)


For Serwaa, all she wants is to be happy with who she is and what she will become. But her manager, Bernard Kabu, believes she will gain international recognition in the next five years.

“I the next five years, I should see her somewhere bigger, internationally, probably participate in Miss World or Miss Universe. She has to be somewhere big with companies signing her onto big endorsement deals because her talent is just not ordinary. She has a very, very, very, strong potential and in the next five years she is going international and I can bet on that!”


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