Things You Should Keep In Mind If You’re Selling To Other Students

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One advantage that you have running a business on campus is the fact that you’re your own target market. As a student yourself, you understand what a student’s needs are and how a product or service might address that need in real life. Here’s how to make the most of that advantage.

Ask Yourself What Would Make You Choose Your Product, Service Or Experience

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If you’re selling to other students, you should first of all start by asking yourself what would actually make you buy a product? What are the inconveniences that would make you think twice about buying or make you procrastinate a buying decision. Once you’ve found these things out for yourself, it’s easier to provide services to other students that are seamless and drum up business for you.

Be Aware Of Your Niche

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Even though your target market is students, not every product or service is for everybody. That means you need to break down your target market even further in order to identify the core people that your product is for. Is it for just level 100s? Then the way that should show in the way that you advertise your product.

There’s A Natural Price Limit

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Finally, I shouldn’t have to tell you this as a student, but when you’re selling to other students, you need to be considerate with how you price your products and services. A lot of students are broke or near broke half the time so it’s important to find a price that’s going to make sense for them.



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