Legon’s Noguchi Memorial Institute For Medical Research Celebrates 3 National Service Persons

Participants of the workshop. Photo credit: NMIMR

The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research has had a tough and amazing year when it comes to growth of its activities.

Last year when the pandemic hit, Noguchi became a life saving institution as it became one of three centres that could run tests for COVID-19 in the country.

It became essential in conducting tests and providing either negative or positive results of samples sent to it for testing.

Doctors relied on their results to determine the kind of care to provide to isolated patients.

At Noguchi, their staff became very essential frontline workers who were running tests round the clock to make sure that the country kept pace with the spread of the virus.

Noguchi chose to celebrate its National Service Persons with three of them receiving special awards.

Among them providing assistance were the National Service Persons posted to the institute to undertake their mandatory one year of service to the country.

The Department of Clinical Pathology held a 3-Day workshop for National Service Persons on Writing of Standard Operating Procedures and Presentation of Research Articles.

They later made oral presentations on selected Research articles and Posters.

Each one made two presentations.

Felix (left) receiving his award. Photo credit: NMIMR

Mr. Felix Boahen Owusu was adjudged the Best presenter of Research article followed by Ms. Anna Afumwaa Faakye and Ms. Lydia Lartekaa Larkai as Ist runner-up and 2nd runner-up, respectively.

Louisa (Left) accepting her award. Photo credit: NMIMR

Ms. Louisa Acquah was the Best poster presenter for the day.

Congrats to all the National Service persons.


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