Isaac Amfoh: 2016 NSMQ Champion Needs Your Help To Attend College

Isaac Kojo Mensah Amfoh

Isaac Kojo Mensah Amfoh, a member of the Adisadel College team that won the 2016 National Science and Maths Quiz, is seeking your help to raise funds to enable him to continue his education in the United States of America.

Adjudged the best male contestant of the popular quiz competition in 2016, Isaac reveals that he had the opportunity to continue his education after the competition but “did not make use of his time.”

“I fell into the wrong company and engaged in activities that I was not proud of and eventually had to drop out of the university. I hit rock bottom and didn’t know how to move forward again. I gave up on myself, my education, and my ambitions to become the scientist and tech enthusiast who wants to use my education and skills in IT to tackle problems back home,” he revealed on a GoFundMe page he created to raise funds for his tertiary education.

Isaac Kojo Mensah Amfoh standing alongside the Quiz Mistress Elsie Effah Kaufmann (image via NSMQ)

Isaac went on to reveal that “after months of thinking critically about my life and prospects, seeking God in prayer, and making the decision to try again, I applied myself to projects I am passionate about like community-based STEM projects CodeAfrique run by my own school father, Samuel Appiah Kubi (Adisco NSMQ finalist 2015) and his friends from Duke and Cornell.”

“That experience rekindled a sort of fire in me; the opportunity to impact the lives of other high schoolers with an interest in STEM fields. It also felt like an avenue to share my own story including my mistakes in hopes that others could learn from me. I felt empowered from these failures and decided to pursue my education again after 4 years,” he added.

Isaac, however, applied for Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene Texas, last year, to pursue Computer Science, and was granted admission with a full-tuition scholarship.

“I was adjudged a Leland Scholar, an award given to only 4 persons in the entire 1,742 student body population which covers most of my cost of attendance,” he wrote.

Prove of Isaac Kojo Mensah Amfoh’s admission into Hardin-Simmons University

He added that “due to this, I only need to cover the cost of room & board, books & supplies and health insurance, and travel to the school which will total $17,000 per annum. However, I need to pay a sum of $7,000 by 7th May 2021 to be able to maintain my spot and the scholarship award at the college.”

“After my Dad contracted the COVID-19, there has been a massive decline in the patronage of the family’s bakery due to the titbit circulating in the vicinage. The demand for the upfront payment of the $7,000 came on the spur of the moment and my guardian and sponsors were not prepared for this sudden expense since there is already a backload of financial demands on their coffers.”

Isaac Kojo Mensah Amfoh and his co-contestant Annin Ridley Osei Assibey

“My plan was to work on-campus part-time while studying to cover all my University fees and personal expenses. I only have a week to pay this cash and it truly troubles me that I will miss out on this great opportunity to further my education. The $7,000 deposit will allow me to receive my I-20 document which I will be presenting at the US embassy on the day of my visa appointment,” said.

Isaac believes this year will be his best and is asking for your support to be able to achieve his dream.

At the time of filing this report, an amount of $1,165 had been raised out of the target of $7,000.

You can support Isaac by donating via his GoFundMe page.


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