Ghanaian Music Lovers Fall In Love With DJ Khaled’s New ‘Khaled Khaled’ Album

DJ Khaled (Getty Images)

DJ Khaled seems to be winning the music market for today and it has been amazing to watch.

The hype that went into the release of the album was done in a mage in your face way to the extent that you can’t miss it even if you tried to miss it.

We saw the video of DJ Khaled with Kanye in the studio.

Then there was the photo with his two boys that would make you go “awwwww” and hope that you too have two little boys of your own.

Dj Khaled (image via Twitter/Dj Khaled)

Just a day before it was released, the tracklist was confirmed and then we knew for sure that JAY-Z was on the album on a song called “Sorry Not Sorry” with Nas.

Then there was harmonies by Beyonce but she was called The Hive, an alias that draws from her fan base called The Bey Hive.

JAY-Z. Getty Images

“Khaled Khaled” has gotten people really excited and Ghanaian music lovers are no different.

In a few days, tracks from this album will certainly become anthems.

DJ Khaled has a way of making music that stays in your head, gets you singing it all the time and makes you fall in love with his art.

DJ Khaled christened this album his legacy album and he did not hold anything back!


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