6 Items Ladies Should Never Leave Home Without

Sometimes we are forgetful and at other times, we tend to be in dangerous situations like walking alone in the night and so we’ve gathered some of the items we ladies should have in our bags as a constant.

1. Purse

And not just any purse, that purse which contains your ATM with money in it and National ID card or other cards that can be used for Identification. Anything can happen so it’s better to stay prepared.

2. Cash

Whether you expect whoever you’re going out with to foot your bills, always have the cash just in case. Once again, anything can happen and you don’t want to be in an uncomfortable situation. It’s better to have the cash and not use it than to not have the cash and be disgraced because of that. Also, you need cash even though you have MoMo because these Networks will disgrace you in your time of need.

3. Makeup brush and powder

The way the sun scorches now a days, you need these 2 to help touch up your makeup when you’re out so you don’t look too oily. Plus, since we wear our masks over our makeup, it’s important to have these on standby, just in case your makeup is messed up by your mask.

4. More than one hair band

You always find out how important these are when you’re at an event and your hair decides to give you a hard time. It’s better to have it and not use it than to not have it at all.

5. Safety pins

Fashion emergencies happen and when they do, safety pins will be there to save you.

6. Sanitizer

Sanitizers are a MUST even if COVID-19 wasn’t a thing. We touch a lot of stuff and may not have access to water and soap so sanitizers do the job.

What other stuff do you leave home without? Let us know in the comments.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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