Myth: The Dirtier Your Hair Is, The Faster It Will Grow

I cannot emphasize how much this is a myth. It can and will never be true.

A number of people believe this myth because, after keeping braids or weaves for a long time, when they take down the hair it seems like the hair has grown considerably. When you don’t wash your hair often (which usually happens with these protective styles) there is less manipulation and less manipulation means little room for breakage and ultimately length retention.

When your hair is dirty, there’s a lot of buildup on your scalp and this makes it hard for hair products used to penetrate the scalp and actually work.

Hair needs to be cleansed regularly. The most you should go without using shampoo and conditioner in your hair is 2 weeks as by then, all the moisture in your hair would have evaporated leaving your hair extremely dry. Nevertheless, if you wash your hair every 3 weeks or once a month because of your schedule, avoid putting a lot of butters and oils in your hair.

Once again, if you keep your hair dirty hoping that it will somehow increase the growth of your hair, you’ll be disappointed.


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