6 Items Ghanaians Shamelessly Use To The Last Atom

There are some items Ghanaians will use until they cannot see a single drop or piece, before they get a new product. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Toothpaste

If you can relate to the picture above, raise your hands 🌚🌚. Some Ghanaians will squeeze and squeeze their toothpaste until nothing comes out, and then proceed to cut it open and take whatever is left inside, before thinking about buying new toothpaste.

2. Margarine

Whipped butter in plastic container with knife, butter for cooking and sandwiches via istockphoto.com

Once some people see that the margarine is about to finish, they reduce the amount they use until it’s finished completely. I know some people who still use the bread to clean out the margarine bowl when the margarine is clearly done. 🌚😹

3. Soap

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Whether it’s bar soap or liquid soap and whether it’s for bathing or washing, most Ghanaians like to make sure the soap is finished before they let go and buy another one. If the liquid soap is almost done, they add water to it so it lasts even longer.

4. Deodorant

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You’ll know when your deodorant is about to finish so you can have a new one ready but some people will keep using it until all that is coming out from it is air and even then, they’re not convinced.

5. Air freshener

Image via made-in-china.com

As for this one, most people even forget they exist😹😹. After a while, it hits them that they haven’t smelled the nice fragrance in a while and they go and check and eventually realise it’s done.

6. Toothbrush

Image via sevensdental.net

Technically, this doesn’t finish but it just had to be in our list. Some people use the same toothbrush for years! They wait until the bristles are coming off before they consider changing the brush.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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Featured Image via thriftyfun.com


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