5 Ghanaian Meals That We Enjoyed In Our Childhood (And Still Do)

image via @little_n_bits

Growing up, we regarded our mothers as the best cooks in the world because of the kinds of meals they prepared for us.

We hardly or no longer eat most of the meals that we enjoyed in our childhood, mostly because we no longer live with our mothers or are too occupied with responsibilities that come with adulthood and have no time to prepare them.

Well, we are going to remind you of some of the meals that we enjoyed in our childhood… Perhaps, after this, you will be inspired to go and get some.

Here are five Ghanaian meals that you definitely enjoyed in your childhood:

1. Mpotompoto (yam porridge/yam pottage)

Mpotompoto (image via Fauzia Moula)

2. ɛtor (mashed plantain) with boiled eggs

ɛtor with boiled eggs, groundnut and avocado (image via Sweet Adjeley)

3. Aboboi (bambara beans) with kakro

Aboboi and kakro (image via @pascals_clean_eats)

4. Gari fortor with fried plantain

Gari fortor (image via Kwankyewaas Kitchen)

5. Omo tuo (rice balls) with groundnut soup and chicken

Omo tuo with groundnut soup and chicken (image via 196 Flavors)

Did we leave out any? Let’s us know which other Ghanaian meal that you enjoyed in your childhood.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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