What Are Some Of The Things You’ll Always Have Even When You’re Broke?

There are certain things that you’ll always find money to buy even when you’re broke, no matter what even if it means asking your junior siblings or friends for money to buy. We asked around and these were the answers we got from some of you.

1. Joseph

For me, it will be airtime. Even if I have data, I’ll still have to buy call credits so I can be able to reach whoever if they’re not answering my texts on time.

2. Magdalene

Data for me! No matter what, I’m always going to find money to buy data. Also food and toiletries because I usually buy them in bulk so even when I’m broke, I still have some there. Last but not least, hair products especially the butters because I sell them.

3. Noah

That will be data and khebab money😹😹. The khebab money de3 even if elef my last 5gh I go buy then walk home.

4. Ama

It’s food for meee! I live with with my mum so I don’t have to buy anything 😂😂😂

5. Adwoa

Data and snacks. We buy a lot of snacks and breakfast food like cornflakes, biscuits and sweets so even if I have no money on me, I’ll definitely have those.

6. Ken

No matter how broke I am, I’ll have my phone for social media entertainment and games and my laptop for watching movies to keep me company.

7. Luke

That would be data and airtime because I need to know what’s going on as well as communicate with people. I think that’s pretty much it 🤔. Anything I’ll need will come from getting in touch with people.

8. Joojo

I don’t remember the last time I was broke, but when we were in uni I’d always buy weed even if I didn’t have money🌚🌚




What will you find a way to buy when you’re extremely broke? Do let us know in the comments section.

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