Ghana And The UK – Which One Got Bad Vibes?

President Akufo-Addo and Boris Johnson. Photo credit:

Ghana has good international Public Relations of being a dream destination, however, for those of us living here, we know it’s not all that.

However, we never allow Nigeria or Kenya of South Africa to walk all over us when it comes to Twitter fights.

Yet, picking a fight with the United Kingdom is new and most Ghanaians would rather give up and move there than pick a fight with them.

The Ghana and UK flags. Photo credit: Prime News

DJ and presenter Neptizzle who has been living in Ghana for 6 months and according to him, the UK is just bad vibes compared to Ghana.

However, Ghanaians who have been living in Ghana for more than 6 months and probably have never set foot in the UK to actually appreciate what he was talking about wouldn’t agree with him.

Ghanaians living in Ghana would not take any UK slander.

This Ghana is not the same for everyone. Of course, if you have money you get to enjoy the high-class Ghanaian society and that is all good vibes.

However, if you are bleeding then Ghana will not be nice to you.


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