From Nana Agradaa To Evangelist Patricia Opoku Koranteng: Ghanaians Troll Christianity’s New Convert

Nana Agradaa now Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng. Photo credit: DJ MOGABE/ Twitter

Ghanaians truly live their best live through social media.

Tune in to the news and there would be 101 things that could get you depressed and just ready to check out of this life.

But since we can’t do that, we often turn to sarcasm and jokes to take some of the pressure away.

Whenever something happens, you’d notice some Ghanaians making jokes out of it.

The authentic sense of humor we have is really unmatched.

That came to light when yesterday, we had one of the most efficient yet hilarious rebranding in history.

A fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa had been in the grips of the law days ago after her TV station was shut down.

Nana Agradaa. Photo credit: Ato Pagh/Twitter

Many Ghanaians believed that she was running a scam. One of the main things she did was to promise prosperity under a scheme she called Sika Gari.

She was arrested and later released, however, that has not stopped her from wanting to help people.

Nana Agradaa. Photo credit: Ghana Celebrities/Twitter

Yesterday, she held a press conference denouncing her fetish practices and proclaiming that she is now a Christian.

That is not even the catch; the real deal here is that she is just not any other newly converted Christian who would be nurturing her newly found Christian life, however, she already has an official Christian job title.

She said her new name is Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng. This gives her the cover to minister to people, proclaim revelations.

A lot of Ghanaians were on to her and they did not go easy with the jokes…

Can we hear you humming the song used to change the cedis to Ghana cedis?

“There is no change in value, the value is the same.”


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