When Should You Post Your New Partner On Your Socials?

couple in love Source: dreamstime.com
couple in love Source: dreamstime.com

If you’re a social media person, you’ve probably been at this bridge before. How soon is too soon to post your new boo? Obviously you don’t want to post him and then something will happen between you two and then you’ll have to delete his pictures and deal with people asking whether or not you 2 broke up.

I think that once you 2 have cemented who you are to each other; it’s official that you 2 are boyfriend and girlfriend then you can post about them. Even with that, I think at least 6 months should pass before you post their face. In the beginning you can post other parts of their bodies and not their face😹. Build the suspense😹😹

Most importantly, you 2 should be on the same page. Some people don’t like their business out on social media. They aren’t hiding from anyone and you know that because you can go out with them without feeling like you have to hide what your relationship is but when it comes to social media, you can tell they’re uncomfortable. If that’s the case, you’ll have to have a conversation about how much of your relationship that should go out there. Once you create the boundaries you should be good to go.

Once you post, be ready for all the “When did this start?” andHow long have you been together? and “How did you meet?” questions because people love to be in other people’s businesses.

How long will it take you to post your partner? Let us know in the comments section.

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