Three Major Motivational Speaker Blunders That Should’ve Never Happened

Dave Chappelle in his New Netflix Special. Photo credit: Netflix

You do remember the song we used to sign in our primary school days.

“Life in this world is a great struggle

Both for the young and old

And even those who have great riches

Have trouble of their own

Rich men envy poor men

Poor men envy the rich,” it goes.

This clearly makes way for our need of motivational speakers.

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In most societies, Ghana included, motivational speakers, are respected for their gift of being able to help you clear your own path and regain your inner strength to march on.

However, they take it too far sometimes and then whatever they are saying becomes absurd.

The past couple of days have been very tough for motivational speakers on the timeline.

They have made certain claims and issued certain advice that people are just not buying it and they are calling them out on it.

The Coke and The Liver

A TikTok video was shared of someone submerging a liver in a bottle of coke overnight.

The point of the video was to show people the effect coke has on the liver and in effect advises against consuming the product.

However, most people on the timeline have called out the person who posted the video for major inaccuracies. First of all, when you drink coke, it doesn’t submerge your liver, it goes into your stomach where it is digested, goes into your bloodstream and the kidney also purifies the blood by taking out the unwanted substances which could include some of your coke. That then goes into your urinary bladder which you get out of your system by urinating. That is why if you drink a lot of coke you can sometimes smell it in your pee… Biology 101.

It, however, does not mean coke has no negative or positive effects on the body, however, it’s certainly not what you see in the video.

People were just ready to call it out

Everyone Has Their Own Journey

We have been told over and over again that each one of us on the face of the earth has our own journey and purpose in life. These unique journeys come with their own unique challenges and rewards.

It has been said to us in many forms – film, photos, and others.

However, someone chose to depict this in creative that leaves more questions than answers.

It even implies that a smooth path to success means your rewards will be smaller, however, if you sweat, bleed and toil for your success, then your rewards will surely be bigger – which is not always the case.

Actually, most successful people today were born into well to do families where great efforts would have gone into making their path to success as smooth as it can be.

Maybe the motivational speaker, needs some motivation.

Rich People And Small TV

The last one to have got the social media treatment was the one about how rich people supposedly spend less on TV sets by buying smaller ones and invest in libraries instead while poor people do the vice versa.

All this energy went into a tweet forgetting that rich people have home theatres and large flat screens with which you can actually see people as if they were standing in the room.

Maybe motivational speakers need a reboot.

They have been working overdrive during the pandemic their well might have run dry.


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