Jay Berete’s Tips: How To Become A Content Creator With 500 Or Fewer Followers

Jay Berete

Content creation has become one of the most important aspects of social media marketing, which has resulted in the emergence of many content creators.

Due to the huge number of people on social media now, companies are now, more than ever, employing the services of social media content creators to make their brands popular on various social media platforms with the aim of getting more customers.

Many young people who are very active on social media are now creating content for brands, which generates income for them while they are in school, and some even take it as a full-time job after school.

With that said, you can also easily become a content creator for brands on social media.

Jay Berete, one of the leading content creators in Ghana, has given some simple tips on how you can also become a content creator even with your meagre followers on social media.

But before you get the tips, here’s what you need to know about Jay Berete:

Jay Berete is an alumnus of the University of Ghana. According to him, he started creating content in 2014, and he was just doing it for fun, and for the likes and retweets on social media.

His first viral post was an edited video of Bishop Daniel Obinim. “There was this video about Obinim that I saw… I download it, edited it, and I added a meme of Liwin and Kwaku Manu. I posted it and it went viral,” he recounted. “So since then I’ve been creating content back-to-back,” he added.

Jay Berete

When Jay Berete started creating content on social media, he had just 500 followers on Instagram and about 19 followers on Twitter. Over the years, he has been able to grow his Instagram following to 49.5K and his Twitter following to 29K before it got suspended in January 2020. After recreating a new Twitter account, he now has over 2,700 followers.

The brands he has created content for include: Coca Cola, Coke Studio Africa, Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS), Milo, Guinness, Star Beer, Smirnoff, Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, and RocosMama.

Jay Berete

He has also worked with Kuulpeeps, iTech911, Adjoa Yeboah Clothing, Beard of Aaron, Who’s Next Barber Shop GH, and Deens Barber Shop.

Now, here are six tips from Jay Berete on how to become a content creator with 500 or fewer followers:

1. Find what you are good at

According to Jay Berete, you need to identify you interest and what you can excel at. For instance, if you love fashion, then you can focus on creating content about fashion. “This could lead you to creating content for fashion brands,” he said.

2. Know your audience and give them what they want

Jay Berete advises that upcoming content creators need to study their audience/followers and give them the content they want. “People followed you for a reason. So if you like to post stuff about sports, don’t stop and try another thing. They followed you because of sports, so give that content,” he advised. “Don’t copy others… Keep to your craft,” he added

3. Be consistent

Jay Berete states that you need to be consistent with your content. “After identifying what your audience want, keep on giving it to them. Give them new and interesting content and be consistent,” he said.

4. Join trends

According to Jay Berete, joining social media trends helps to boost your reach and following. He indicates that most social media trends are global and creating content about trends enables more people to see your content and those who like it end up following you. “Be creative and smart about it, cos it gives you exposure and followers,” he said.

5. Be content specific

Jay Berete advises that upcoming content creators need to know the type of content that works for their various social media platforms. “A content that will do well on Instagram, may not do well on Twitter or Facebook. So know what to post on your platforms… Not all content will do well on all platforms,” he said.

6. Keep learning, research and explore

Jay Berete advises that you need to keep learning new things about content creation. He states that the more you know, the better you become. “Learn editing skills, learn new things to improve your craft, do more research on apps for content creation. Try new things so that your content won’t become boring,” he added.

Try these tips from Jay Berete and let us know when you begin to excel.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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