Here’s Why These Photos Of Abandoned Housing Projects Are All Over The Timeline

The Saglemi Affordable Housing Project

All-day today, there have been photos and a viral video of buildings that were supposed to be government housing.

You know one of the major challenges to Ghanaians is access to affordable housing.

Most of our parents laboured their entire life only to complete their own building closing to their retirement.

Some of us are renting deplorable rooms at very high prices which the Landlords and Landlady’s demand 2 to 3 years rent advance – against the rent control law that gives them the power to demand only 6 months rent advance.

In some instance, there are a lot more people living in spaces meant for a much smaller number of people.

Housing is a really big problem especially in city centres such as Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi and young Ghanaians are those bearing the brunt of it.

That is why years ago when the government decided to construct affordable housing for Ghanaians, it was seen as a laudable idea.

The principle was that with more houses, people will have the freedom of choice – this could even bring down rent prices.

However, just as we know with any government project – it will either take too long to complete or it will be abandoned by subsequent governments.

That is clearly the case for the two government housing projects that were trending all over Twitter.

First, was the Saglemi Affordable Housing Project at Prampram. It includes the realization of around 5,000 residential units. In the first phase of construction, 180 apartment blocks comprised of over 1,500 flats were built within a very short time.

The Saglemi Affordable Housing Project

Then there is the Borteyman Affordable Housing Project near Tema, also in the Greater Accra Region

Apart from initiating and completing several major affordable housing projects, some were completed others are also in various stages of construction.

The Borteyman Affordable Housing Project

The TL was exposed to the fact that young people are struggling to secure affordable apartments, meanwhile, taxpayer money has been sunk into buildings that are empty, rotting and not being of any economic use.

It is unclear if the government will respond to this latest online protest.

However, people have already indicated that they will take up residence in these projects if the government does not act soon enough.


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