Bridget Bonnie: Wisconsin’s First Female SRC Prez Who Has Become An Inspiration To Many

Bridget Bonnie

There have been conscious efforts made to ensure that women all over the world are celebrated for their achievements. However, Bridget Bonnie hopes that the world eventually would come to a point where women will actually be celebrated for their achievements because they earned them and not because they are the first of their gender to attain a particular feat.

Bridget Bonnie is a young Ghanaian woman with a lot of dreams and aspirations, and she is undertaking projects that are aimed at improving the knowledge and social lives of young people in the country.

Bridget Bonnie

Becoming SRC President

Bridget, in 2018, became the first female SRC President of Wisconsin International University College (WIUC), Ghana, and was honoured with the Best SRC President Award at the UMB Ghana Tertiary Awards in 2019.

Becoming the first woman to occupy the position of SRC President at Wisconsin was an achievement that meant and still means a lot to her, and she reveals that has inspired a lot of young women.

“It means a lot to me even now, even as of now it still means everything to me. It means a lot to me because there has never been a female SRC President at Wisconsin and no female has even picked a form to aspire for the position, and I don’t know why no one did. At least someone should have picked the form but nobody did. So the courage to pick the form alone means a lot to me.”

“It gives hope to others, it gives hope to those behind me, those in other institutions, it gives them hope that something that has never been done somewhere has been done so they can equally do it wherever they are. And I can say after my presidency, I’ve had a couple of people come to me, some of them never came to me but they ended up becoming the first female SRC presidents in their respective institutions, which is encouraging, it is inspiring,” she said.

Bridget Bonnie

Explaining why she contested for the position, Bridget revealed that she picked the forms because her predecessors were not taking the views and issues of the student body into consideration before making decisions. She felt she would be a better leader, and one that will listen to the student body and work to ensure that their needs are met.

“I vied for the position, not because of any political intention. I vied for the position because when I was in level 100 I joined the SRC, I was the deputy entertainment committee chairperson and I made suggestions that were not taken. Even in level 200, I made some suggestions that were not taken. So I was like, these are suggestions that I got from the student body, so I’m telling you people and you people are not listening. It’s like everybody had their interest, they are not looking at students’ interest.”

“So I was like okay, if nobody wants to listen to the students, then why don’t I go for the presidency and make those things happen. I said to myself when I went to level 100 that I will become SRC president and graduate with a first-class… I mean, I just said, but that gave me more reason to actually go for it. They not taking my suggestions gave me more reason to go for the position. So I went, I got it and we were able to implement the things that students wanted. So I achieved whatever reason I had for going for the position,” she said.

Bridget Bonnie

Achievements as SRC President

After winning the elections, Bridget, together with her team, made it a point to tackle pertinent issues that students of Wisconsin were facing.

But before implementing projects, Bridget and her team had to come up with innovative ways to generate money to fund the projects because the SRC didn’t have enough money when she assumed office. They set up two businesses: WIUC-SRC branded mashed kenkey and a laundry service.

Bridget Bonnie holding the WIUC-SRC branded Mashed Kenkey

This enabled them to raise funds to undertake projects on campus. She gave accounts of some of the projects she spearheaded.

“One of the major things we faced was the dissemination of information. When it came to the dissemination of information, it was difficult. Students didn’t get information. The means of communication was through WhatsApp and that was not helping. So I came up with the idea for an SRC website and App where information will be are placed for easy access to students. We started this project and it was completed by our successors. The App was awarded the best students App, I think in West Africa or so somewhere last year.”

“Also, the school of communication was working on a radio station and TV studio so we championed it, we worked with the administration, we were always on their neck, and thanks to God during our tenure it was launched… it was put together and is in use now.”

“This might sound funny but the students wanted Shatta Wale on campus and we were able to Shatta Wale, and for me, that’s an achievement… Wisconsin is not too big a school but we were able to bring Shatta Wale because of some good connections.”

Bridget Bonnie on stage with Shatta Wale

“We also started Networking Wednesday because we believe that we are our friends and our helpers and we are going to help ourselves. So Networking Wednesday was for students to get together and know each other and get to know each other’s interests, have each other’s contacts, cos in the near future you might not know who is going be who and who is going to be what. So the aim was to get interactive and know each other and someday you won’t sit somewhere and say oh I used to know this guy or this guy used to know me.”

While in school Bridget was also concerned about the nation’s well-being. She brought together all SRC Presidents of tertiary institutions in Greater Accra to form a union that did not only discuss issues of their respective institutions but also executed plans that are in line with the goals of the nation.

“I formed the Greater Accra SRC Presidential caucus. So all the SRC Presidents in Accra came together, we had a couple of meetings, and we executed one project that was a cleanup exercise because then, the president said he wanted Accra to be the cleanest city so we looked at how we can contribute our quota in making Accra of the cleanest city in Africa.”

The cleanup exercise organised by the SRC Presidents of institutions in Greater Accra

Making an impact in media

Bridget Bonnie is gradually making a name for herself in the media industry. She owns Bridge Multimedia, a media company which she founded in 2011 after senior high school. She later started Bridge TV to train people who want to work as TV presenters and also provided amazing TV content for Ghanaians.

“Somewhere in 2016 some of my friends started going for auditions, they wanted to be on TV, and since TV space is choked, I thought of creating an online channel for those who want to be in the media space and for those who want to start learning TV presentation since I already have some knowledge in that field. So I started an online channel called Bridge TV. People were saying it was my name but I chose that name because my channel was bridging a gap between the viewer and the channel. So that wherever you are you can be able to enjoy the content created on our channel. Through Bridge TV I was nominated twice for the 40 under 40 Awards,” she explained.

Bridget Bonnie

Bridget, however, is hoping to expand her media company to a point where it will become a well-known hub for training people who want to work in the media.

“So I’m still hoping and praying that one day I get to own a media house where we focus more on training. We will do whatever we have to do as a media house but we will train more. We will do a lot of training for people who want to be in the media space because there are a lot of people in the media industry that need a lot of training… I’m not perfect but I see some people and I think they need training, so if I should own my media house, I going to offer some free training to people in the media space,” she said.

Impacting lives of teenagers

Bridget also revealed that she does not want to make an impact in the media industry only, but hopes to go into politics in the future to enable her to impact the lives of more Ghanaians by formulating and implementing policies that will be beneficial to people.

Bridget Bonnies at the launch of the PEC Project

But at the moment, Bridget Bonnie is undertaking a project to nurture the desire for personal development among teenagers in rural areas. On her 30th birthday (April 11, 2021), she launched the PEC Project to help out teenagers in their educational and career lives. The project would target the personal, educational, and career development of less-privileged teenagers between ages 12 and 17.

“So this is what I’m currently working on and I’m hoping that everything goes on well by God’s grace so that we do not just have young people in the villages getting pregnant and smoking and all that without a future and without a purpose.


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