These Social Media Reactions Sum Up Why We Are Obsessed With Date Rush

Date Rush. Photo Credit: TV3

Every Sunday night, when Date Rush is on, you would see a lot of Ghanaians using social media platforms to react to what they are seeing on TV.

The Date Rush reality show is giving us a lot of this to react to.

Some are ‘get out of here’ funny and others are good old trolling.

One thing that has made the show an audience puller is because a lot of us just love the idea of sitting in our comfort zone and criticising anything someone who is us is doing.

Date Rush. Photo Credit: TV3

Without the pressure of the camera rolling and the knowledge that thousands of people are watching you, even if it is pre-recorded, the cast are in a hot seat and they must try to be logical the very best they can anytime the camera is on them and they had to speak.

Some of their decisions are questionable, and in hindsight probably they wouldn’t make the same choices.

However, not even that would stop Ghanaians from cracking jokes and making fun of anything and everything.

Date Rush. Photo Credit: TV3

That notwithstanding, the Date Rush jokes are something else.

The Date Rush TV show is one of the very few television shows that manages to capture audiences both on TV and on social media.

With the growing influence of social media, this could become a blueprint for all future ‘big’ budget television shows – scripted or unscripted.


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