Multitasking For Students: Tips And Tricks

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It is not always easy to cope with college assignments, especially as we are learning online these days. Therefore, the majority of college students turn to multitask as we hope to get creative and finish two or three tasks at the same time. It is not for certain that multitasking is good for education because one can easily get exhausted. Still, if one approaches this learning experience through the lens of cognitive psychology, it becomes evident that one must implement a different environment to education. Here are some interesting tips and tricks that one must consider when doing several tasks at once:

Always Keep Things Interactive

As you plan to multitask, remember to keep things interesting by adding the benefits of technology. It helps to get over the writer’s block as you test all these different methods. If it does not help and you cannot cope on your own, consider discussing your challenges with your college friends. It will help you to learn as you talk to several people. Since you communicate and hear how another person considers something, it will help you consider several opinions. It represents a certain type of multitasking as you analyze your assignments!

Play Music In The Background

While it may surprise you, playing some rhythmic or classical music as you study will keep your brain focused and attentive. Of course, you can also play rock music if you like it and if it inspires you. It helps to feel driven to learn in a positive way. The secret trick of such multitasking is keeping the distractions away as your ears work with the musical patterns that help you to follow the sound waves as your brain memorizes things twice faster.

Build Up Your Learning Plan

You should allocate at least fifteen minutes to short breaks as you work with several tasks. For example, you can do some stretching and have headphones on where you playback several arguments that you have to remember. Start with the short voice clips where you talk about your assignment and do some physical exercises or walking around. You can also check the 9 steps to become an efficient student by thinking of the ways how you can improve your learning methods.

Research Things Beyond The Textbook

When you research YouTube videos or scan through the search results online, you are thinking differently and go beyond your course materials. The trick to multitasking is checking through various academic fields as you learn where you may explore those subjects that you have not tried before. If it feels too challenging, you can also buy a research paper and see how you can talk to an expert as you focus on practical research or collection of statistics. The crucial part is staying creative as you learn.

Record Your Learning Sessions

Another interesting method of multitasking for students is keeping your learning sessions recorded with the help of an audio recorder or any audio app on your mobile device. You can record your college video conferences as you write things down and analyze the main concepts. Likewise, you can read your assignments aloud and see how they sound as you play them to your friends to check whether things sound confident. It will help you to maintain a good writing style.

The Distractions Must Be Approached First

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If we are watching our alerts on social media or keep listening to the news in the background, it would be challenging to call it multitasking since it does not help us learn. If we have the typical distractions as we learn, it is even more challenging for our brain. It is one thing if we are listening to the TED talks and write down several arguments that come to our mind, yet when we combine our studies and times of leisure, it is quite different. Remember to keep distractions away first of all because it will keep our brain focused for some real multitasking!


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