Bad Perfume, Fertility Issues And More ‘Wow’ Moments From Sunday’s Date Rush Episode

Date Rush. Photo Credit: TV3

For weeks now, we have been bringing you everyday relationship issues that play out on the popular Date Rush TV show.

Every Sunday night, hundreds of thousands if not millions of Ghanaians tune in to watch this speed dating television show.

As a reality show, it often plays out everyday relationship issues on national television for all to see.

Last Sunday’s episode was no different and it brought its fair share of conversational points.

The Deal Breaking Perfume

Just as very minute things such as someone’s fingernails can turn someone on and make you get attracted to someone, those same things can put you off.

It’s all a matter of personal preferences in the dating game. Yesterday, it was back to the regular schedule on the show when we had guys in the hot seat trying to gain the attention of the women who can turn their lights on or off if they like you or not.

Date Rush. Photo Credit: TV3

One of the girls who turned off her light said she did so because of the guy’s perfume. In the end, it didn’t matter because the guy had his eyes set on someone else.

However, what it highlights is that the little things matter in gaining a suitor when one is in the dating scene.

Changing Standards

In as much as it has been branded as a woman problem, both genders also often face the same thing when they are in the real-life dating game. People, basically, often build up an image of their ideal man or woman – six-packs, tall, dark, light-skinned, Coca Cola shape, bootylicious, among others.

Sometimes, there is even the kind of hobbies they want, their religion, ethnicity, their job, financial and educational status among a host of other qualities.

However, when one has been in the dating scene for a long time with no sign of Mr or Mrs Right coming along, some tend to change their standards – more of a downgrade. Sometimes too based on past experiences, some choose to expect more than they did from a new love interest, while others stick to their original plan no matter what.

In any case, what often tends to happen is a shifting of the goal post, to accommodate and make room for new tastes and preferences and new goals.

The Baby Question

The baby question is one that often breaks up a relationship – even marriages.

When couples are unable to have children, it tends to put a strain on their relationship. In our part of the world where family members are heavily invested in one’s marriage, not having a child stops becoming the problem of the husband and wife, and it becomes an entire extended family affair.

Date Rush. Photo Credit: TV3

Dealing with this and keeping your marriage intact is often difficult and it requires a lot of commitment from both parties to manoeuvre through the problem. That is why it is often better to discuss this before saying ‘Yes I Do’ in front of the entire world.

What reality shows such as Date Rush has been able to achieve is that it is bringing out some of these sensitive conversations for the public to discuss and reach a meaningful mechanism of supporting couples who are going through similar issues.


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