10 People Tell Us How They Like To Be Pampered By Their Romantic Partners

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Yesterday, this question was thrown to the ladies who were looking for love on the Date Rush TV show and a lot of interesting answers were given. We decided to throw this question to you and we’ve compiled your responses in this article.

1. Dominic, 26 years

I don’t demand too much. Pampering for me is you listening to me, letting me sleep on your lap and once a while, taking me out to the beach or a road trip.

2. Evelyn, 25 years

When he does the things on my list that I had told him in passing especially because it shows he was actually listening and taking notes of the details. Also, he taking his time to write to me.
I love love love love letters so yh, random long and sweet texts. Him cooking for me as well. For some reason that’s the climax of pampering for me. Going out of your way to cook for me with candle lights and all will keep me in your arms. Lastly, taking me out out of the blue is a vibe. No plans, just vibes.

3. Danso, 24 years

For me, being pampered simply means doing the little things that will make me feel special.
From doing the smallest favours (like buying me gifts randomly), to appreciating my efforts, to speaking to me politely and above all recognizing me in the presence of your friends.

4. Magdalene, 24 years

Making me feel like a princess. Doing things I like, just to make me happy. Buy me chocolate, send me money, treat me to a spa session, let’s go on trips and lastly spend time at night beach.

5. Clarence, 27 years

I’m really not high maintenance. If you buy me sneakers or take me on a trip aa Ohemaa gye me b) so.

6. Keziah, 26 years

I want the barest minimum. Just spend time with me and credit my account 🤝

7. Belinda, 25 years

My love language is Quality Time so if my man is spending a lot of time with me, I feel pampered.

8. Joana, 23 years

For me, it’s all about random surprises, checking up on me, apologizing to me even if I am wrong 🌚 and asking for my opinions on stuff.

9. Kofi, 26 years

Most people would go in for vacations and luxury but for me, pampering would mean the little things.
The other party always ensuring that I’m always comfortable with whatever, be it food, clothing etc.
It’s like we have our own little world where we’re each other’s only priority.

10. Fati, 22 years

It’s really the little things. Shower me with love, reassure me, send me nice notes/messages, send surprise gifts, money and spend quality time with me.

What about you? What does pampering mean to you? Let us know in the comments section.

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