Zero: The Gritty New Superhero Original You Should Catch On Netflix

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There’s just something about star-crossed lovers that pulls viewers in. On Zero, it’s no different: you have Omar (Zero) and Anna, two people who live in the same city but in entirely different worlds. They meet and you know the rest. However, there’s one more thing I should mention—this isn’t just a love story.

Netflix Announces New Italian Series “Zero” Coming in April | New On Netflix:  NEWS
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Zero is the story of an uprising. It’s a story of friendship. And it’s a story of community.

Omar is a second-generation Senegalese immigrant and a pizza delivery guy saving everything he can to be able to afford his dream. Omar lives in the Barrio, an immigrant community that’s under attack.

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Discovering new friendships and the ability to turn invisible, Omar becomes Zero, a hero fighting alongside his friends to save the Barrio from the real estate company that wants to tear it down for profit.

Zero is a gritty show that shines whenever one of the rap songs on the show’s soundtrack comes on. It’s passionate, it’s raw and it’s rebellious. It’s not going to make you feel like it’s the best show you’ve watched, but it’s an experience worth the binge.



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