These Are Some Of The Biggest Hits From The Ikorodu Bois We Know You’d Love

Image via @IkoroduB. Caption: Papa took us shopping and bought one of each! Two hearts Dash symbol #ferrariportofino #Cuppydat

If you’ve never heard of the Ikorodu Bois, thank us in advance for changing your life. These talented children from Nigeria have some of the best remakes of movie trailers and other videos on the internet. Their remakes are definitely going to crack you up, but they are also completely brilliant.

1. A Tribute To Chadwick: Real Life Superhero

2. Fire Song. Fire Video. Fire Remake

3. The Russos Reached Out! Real Recognize Real

4. What You Gon’ Do When We Come For You

5. A Netflix Orginal Lmao

6. Hope You Enjoyed The List 😂😂



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