The Week Foreign Ambassadors In West Africa Hilariously Started Another Jollof War

Gregory Andrews enjoying Jollof Rice. Photo credit: Gregory Andrews/Twitter

For a couple of weeks now, it is a known fact that Nigeria cannot start a war with Ghana on Twitter.

Since Twitter chose Ghana to host the operations of its Africa HQ, Nigerians have been salty about it but they have also realised that if they pick a fight with Ghanaians then we could turn off their Twitter from here.

Like that would be a power move…

As a result, these Ghana vs Naija debates about everything and anything and especially Jollof has died down.

Then all of a sudden these non-West African ambassadors posted to West African countries decided to reignite this fight that has been fought and won several times by Ghana – if you don’t agree please argue with your screen.

This blew over and Senegal also joined the fray setting the stage for what could have been a full-blown West African war.

It was all started by Gregory Andrews, the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana.

Now, Nigeria was minding its business, knowing that it better not to pick a fight with Ghana on Twitter, when Gregory mentioned them and trolled their questionable Jollof rice.

He had purchased Jollof from Osu and he had gone crazy about it.

His colleague who has been stationed in Nigeria, John Donnelly also responded the only way he knew how in order not to anger his host country.

Now, at this time, John knew he’d already lost the fight when he couldn’t provide any photos or videos to support his claim.

Meanwhile, Ghanaians were ready with receipts to prove that the best comes for GH!

Now, you know when the battle has been won, the retreat has been ordered, then another army shows up at the other side of the battlefield ready to fight you?

Yeah, after Nigeria was “silenced”, then came the Canadian ambassador to Senegal, Sébastien Beaulieu also trying to make a claim.

He came with the argument that Jollof originally came from Senegal.

One thing he forgot was that the fight wasn’t about who did it first, it was about who makes the best.

Senegal still couldn’t make a good case and once again Ghana remains undefeated.


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