5 Things Everyone Should Know Before They Get Married

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In as much as most of us still think we are “small boys and girls”, our mates are showing us that we are grown. Almost every weekend on social media, you find people commenting about how they see themselves as children but their mates are getting married and having kids.

If you’re currently in a serious relationship, single or even engaged, how do you know if you’re truly ready to spend the rest of your life with one person till death do you part? Is it enough that you love each other and you’re generally a happy couple? The truth is that in even the happiest and strongest couples will experience conflict at one point or another you’ll need to have all the information to help you navigate every situation.

1. Be good friends

It’s not enough to know someone for over a year. Are you friends with them? In fact, are you besties with your partner? Can you be yourself around them without any fear of judgement? Do they bring the best out of you? Can you confide in them without holding back?

2. Be aware of the expectations being brought into the marriage

You have your own expectations especially when it comes to the how the finances should be in the marriage and they may also have expectations on how the maintenance of the home should be. You both should discuss it and reach a consensus so everything can go on much smoothly when you get married.

3. It’s okay if you’re both different

People think relationships like these won’t work out but people “balance each other out” in situations like this. The relationship will thrive and will be a happy one once you both find your mojos and you see how you fit into each other’s lives.

4. Communication is key

It’s important to talk to your partner about stuff even when you’re uncomfortable with the topic. If a situation arises from a decision you took without telling your partner, you’ll not know how to let them know because you’ll feel like you’ve betrayed them. Communication helps bring both of you together and helps you bond even more.

5. Marry someone who has intimacy needs that match yours

We’ve seen situations where it’s either the man cannot perform or he performs for 5 minutes and he’s done. Or ladies who aren’t really interested in sex so they just lie there like a log. Society pushes intimacy and sex aside like it’s not important or it isn’t a major part of the reason why people cheat on their partners but it’s very important. Make sure your energies match otherwise it may end in tears.

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