What’s The Pettiest Thing You’ve Done Or Was Done To You After A Breakup?

If we are being honest, we weren’t expecting these type of responses at all! People are SO PETTY!! Check out the responses we got from you.

1. Henry

Back in SHS, this girl and I were in the same class. After one misunderstanding, we broke up. She was the class prefect so you can imagine all the stress I went through. One day, I couldn’t make it to school but when I went the following day, one of our teachers brought a list and mentioned names; my name was in it. We went outside and he made us weed. Herh! My hands were all sore. I thought it was because I didnt come to school. It was after the punishment that I was told it was for names of talkatives. The girl wrote my name when I wasnt even in school.

2. Nora

When we broke up, I wasn’t really heartbroken but I was annoyed that he was happy and moving on with his life so quickly so I told his mom her son smokes weed 🙃. They did a whole prayer session for him at home.😹😹😹

3. Henry

Does this qualify as being petty? 😹😹 I went through all her Instagram posts and started telling myself she was hideous. I would show her picture to my friends and would be like, “bro isn’t this girl hideous?” 😹😹

4. Lily

One of my exes came back for all the stuff he gave me 😭. He’ll text/call me and he goes like “you are not using it right?” When I say no, he’ll come for it and not bring it back. Nobody told me to buy the things for myself.

5. Stella

The pettiest thing I’ve done😂. I calculated all the money he spent on me and sent it back🤝🏽. He was angry mmom cos chale nobody expects that. It’s not like the money was plenty too oh😂😂. He paid for my hair once (I didn’t send him) and he bought gifts too. So I went to check the prices online and sent this boy the “meaux meaux” 😗 I’d hate to hear things like, “after everything I’ve done for you…” We don’t do that in this house.😂

6. Leah

I broke up with him. The relationship was actually very short. Then he went to date my friend to hurt me meanwhile too I was over him a long time ago. Also, it didn’t make sense because the girl made me text him indirectly, the entirety of their relationship. She’d send me screenshots and ask me what she should say. Lmaoo.

7. Jackson

After we broke up, she came to my room to pick up her stuff. She was very upset. I was in the bathroom when she came in and she peed on my woolen carpet. I didn’t know she had done that but that night I couldn’t sleep. The pee was stinking! I asked her if she peed in the room and she said yes. It was revenge.

8. Caroline

He cheated on my so I deleted all his pictures from my phone. I dated a friend he disliked and posted the pictures everywhere so he’ll see it😌😌

9. Ruby

He told me he was going to delete my number but I didn’t think much of it. He blocked me on Snapchat, unfollowed me on Instagram and changed his privacy to private so I couldn’t see anything of his. I called after a month and he was like “who is this?” I told him I was the one and I was checking up. He just said thanks and we ended the call.

10. Daniel

This was in JHS. After we broke up, she called me to her home and to my surprise, the guy I’d suspected was cheating on me with was there!
I faked a call and left 😹. I later realized there was really nothing between them. She wasn’t aware the guy was coming around.But stillll, edey bost my brain. What a coincidence!

😹😹😹 We hope you enjoyed these stories. What about you? What are some of the pettiest things you’ve done or have been done to you after a breakup? Let us know in the comments section.

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