Music Lovers Use Sarkodie’s “No Fugazy” Song To Troll Sarknation

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Yesterday was a good day for Sarkodie’s fans.

They finally got what they have been asking for three months now, as Sarkodie released a new song off his upcoming ‘No Pressure’ album, titled “No Fugazy.”

Sarkodie on the “No Pressure” album cover

‘Fugazy’ is slang for fake or something that is destroyed beyond repair.

Judging by some of the lines in the song, Sarkodie was definitely going with the “fake” definition of the “fugazy.”

“If you can’t afford Gucci buy Kula Perry

I used to rock fakes now we turnt up

450 on a tank top

It’s like an addiction we can’t stop

If you can relate let me see your hands up”

Sarkodie – No Fugazy

However, what should have been a flex for his fans has become a weapon in the hands of those who do not roll with Sarkodie’s fans.

Some music lovers who are no fans of Sarkodie’s army of fans claim Sarkodie is trolling his own fans with the song.

According to them, nobody wears fake designer fashion items than those who support Sarkodie.

Meanwhile, Sarkodie’s new song has also got others saying that it was a rushed record to please his fans and that the song ‘no dey pap’ like that.

However, for other Sarkodie fans, this is just right at the top like any other Sarkodie hit song. Some are even using lines from song as social media captions.

You can watch the official music video for “No Fugazy” below:


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