5 Types Of Ghanaians You’ll Meet This Weekend

COVID-19 tries to be a major party pooper but we still manage to have our fun outside while staying safe of course, with our nose masks and hand sanitizers. If you plan on spending time outside your home, here are some people we are sure you would meet.

1. The “Girly Weekend” group

It’s always nice to see girls on their own having fun. From where you are, you’ll see them taking numerous snaps, dancing and occasionally exclaim, look guilty and then laugh it off. If they’re dancing and a guy tries to dance with one of them, the person stops and joins the others to chill. If you’re a guy, don’t disgrace yourself by doing this. Leave the girls to have their fun.

2. The Music Guys

If you find yourself at a bar like Bloombar for example, you’ll hear these guys. Just like the Girly Weekend group, they’re usually just a group of guy friends with sometimes 1 or 2 ladies in their midst. They sing the loudest and their table is the place to be because they keep ordering drinks and meat. The dance battles and laughter are also there in abundance.

3. The Loner

These people can be in one of the groups above or they went to the place alone. Usually if they’re part of a group, you’ll see the others trying to get them to be active since they’re usually just on their phones or staring into space. If they’re alone too, they’re usually on their phones minding their business or looking around enjoying what’s going on around them.

4. The drunk

Depending on where you are chilling at, it’s guaranteed that you’ll meet these people. You’ll see their friends asking them to calm down as they’re busily singing loudly and off key or laughing hysterically or dancing. Those that go too far end up throwing up. You don’t want to be around when that happens.

5. The Gnasher

They’re different from the loners because loners are comfortable being on their own. The Gnashers on the other hand, came out to find someone and so you find them hopping from one girl to another, trying to dance with them and failing miserably at it since the girls stop them in their tracks. After numerous attempt, you’ll find them online either talking about how much “fun” they’re having or tweeting that “women are trash”.

Enjoy your weekend guys and if you meet any of these people, remember that we told you so. 😌

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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