5 Dining Hall Meals We Never Missed In Senior High School

Jollof rice with chicken served at a Senior High School (image via Facebook/Bepong SHS)

Senior High School education in Ghana comes with a lot of amazing experiences, most of which become memorable after graduation.

We guess there are a lot of things that you have missed about your time in SHS, but we will like to help you reminisce about some of the dining hall meals that you enjoyed.

We still eat most of the meals that we had in senior high school, but there was something unique about those meals that most of us loved. Some people never missed the dining hall on the days that some specific meals were served.

Here are five meals that you definitely enjoyed in senior high school:

1. Jollof rice with Chicken

Jollof rice with chicken is arguably the best dining hall meal. In most senior high schools, it was served on Sundays… and no one missed the dining hall on Sundays because of jollof rice.

2. Waakye with egg/fish

After jollof rice and chicken, another dining hall meal most people enjoyed was waakye. Waakye was mostly served with either egg or fish, depending on your senior high school.

OLA Girls SHS student serving a meal at the dining hall (image via Facebook/JoyNews)

3. Rice with groundnut soup

Rice and groundnut soup is one of the most unique meals that we enjoyed in SHS. The groundnut soup that is served with the rice is very unique… one that you will never have anywhere else. The groundnut soup is referred to as GAS in most senior high schools.

4. Kenkey with pepper and fish

Kenkey with pepper and fish is another meal a lot of people enjoyed in SHS. This meal ranks among meals that are mostly smuggled from the dining hall because some people always had plans of using the kenkey balls for mashed kenkey (mashkay).

5. Beans and Gari

A lot of people’s love for beans and gari, popularly known as gobɛ, started in SHS. Gobɛ has been saving lives since senior high school days 😂😂.

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source: kuulpeeps.com

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