Myth: Food Can Be Put In Hair To Give It Protein

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Protein treatments are done to strengthen damaged hair. In our day to day activities with our hair, we tend to cause some damage to it. These damages can be imagined as “holes” or “gaps” in the hair strands. These holes will have to be filled by hydrolysis proteins so they form a bond.

In recent times we’ve seen the rise of a number of DIY protein treatments which include eggs, avocado and the likes. We mix these foods with hair oils and assume that because they’re “natural” and not synthesized, they are enough for the hair.

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The truth is that the unhydrolyzed proteins in these foods are usually too large to be absorbed into the hair. In some cases, these unprocessed proteins can fill some spots in the damaged areas of the hair strands, mainly the outer Cuticle layer, temporarily, but mostly washes off.

It’s best to get products specifically made as protein treatments because these contain the proteins that can actually be absorbed by the hair shaft and do the work that needs to be done.

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Remember that when doing this treatment, you’ll need heat to to swell the hair follicles open. At that time, the protein molecules can bond with the hair shaft to strengthen it.

Also, it’s normal for your hair to feel dry after this treatment but you should counteract the dryness with a Deep Conditioning treatment to restore the protein/moisture balance of your hair.

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