How To Leverage Your Social Media Presence To Land An Internship

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It’s 2021 and there’s no downplaying the role that social media has in influencing real life. If you’re trying to land an internship and find yourself with a social media account that has a large following, that’s an advantage that can skew the odds in your favour. Here’s some ways that you can convert your social media leverage into an internship position.

Change Your Account Name

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One trick that you can use to get noticed on Twitter is changing your name to the internship role that you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for an internship in an advertising or marketing firm, you can change your account name to Looking for a Marketing Internship. What happens when you do this is that every time you retweet, like or tweet from your account, everyone who sees the tweet will also see Looking for a Marketing Internship which will then prompt them to check out your profile.

Be Proactive

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Being proactive means that you’re following companies that you have an interest in and making meaningful engagements with their posts (meaningful means more than just liking or retweeting their posts). The more you engage with these companies online, the more likely you are to land on their radar and be considered when you eventually do send a letter of interest or an application for an internship position at the company.

Sell Yourself Professionally

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Another thing that you have to do, even though it might be uncomfortable is to share your achievements online. Anytime that you complete an achievement that can help towards your career, share it on your profile. You never know who’s watching and who might have an opportunity for you.



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