7 People Talk About What They Miss About Repu Hall Week

One of the things we know April for is Repu Hall Week. During this period, students all over the country meet in Tech just to have fun, relax, meet friends and just chill. We’ve missed out on a lot of events like this on campus because of COVID-19 but what we do have are our memories so we asked a number of you what you missed about Repu and this is what you had to say.

1. Jessica, 24 years

I’ve never been to Repu but what I miss about it is hearing stories of people taking flights right after writing IA and wondering what sort of enjoyment nkoaa these people go all the way to Kumasi to look for. Also, people not being able to go for Repu because of IAs and them complaining bitterly about it.

2. Charity, 22 years

For me, I really miss the bus chale. The whole party vibe; the music, the dancing and the people! I’ll give anything to be in one again with my people.

3. Abena, 25 years

2 words, Rexona Colourthon!! I loved the experience! Spraying yourself with different colors, jamming and jogging to songs on street and taking pictures with friends. Oh! And also the Artiste Night. I loved watching Stonebwoy perform the last time I was there.

4. Joe, 26 years

I miss a lot of things about Repu. For one thing, the food in Kumasi during that period.
Also that feeling of leaving school stress and going to jam at Epilogo! It’s unmatched chale.

5. Sam, 25 years

It’s the food for me chale! I miss the food and the vibe we always had in the bus when going for Repu.

6. Sandra, 22 years

I never went for Repu but I loved how quiet Legon campus usually became when people left to chill. You get to access facilities without bothering if many people are around. That’s what I miss about the hall week; the silence.

7. Cindy, 24 years

I went for Repu when I wasn’t yet a student. It was exciting seeing students jam all around me. It was a vibe! I really hope Corona ends so I can experience it one more time.

What about you? What is your favorite Repu memory? What do you miss about the event? Let us know in the comments section.

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