5 Reasons Why The Change In Academic System Isn’t So Bad

Students writing in classroom

Universities in Ghana have had to make changes to the academic system due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tertiary institutions were closed in March 2020, due to COVID-19, and reopened in January 2021.

The resumption of school came which the change of how teaching and learning are done to ensure that academic work runs smoothly in a manner that will prevent COVID-19 infections on campus.

The University of Ghana, for instance, is currently running a modular system for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Campus life at the moment may not be as it used to be, but here are five reasons why we think the change in the academic system is actually not that bad:

1. You get to be in your room most of the time

Previously, students had to be in class most of the time. But due to recent changes, students now get to attend lectures online in their rooms. And we all know most university students hate leaving their rooms to lecture halls, so yeah, that’s a positive thing.

University Roommates (image via MAI)

2. You get to engage in non-academic activities more

With academic activities now made more flexible, students now have the opportunity to engage in non-academic activities. For instance, students who own businesses now have more time to focus on their businesses than they used to.

Ghanaian students
University of Ghana students via africavarsities.com

3. You get to take online courses to improve your academic knowledge

It’s always good to gain more knowledge. The new academic system, however, enables students to take online courses related to their field of study, when they are not engaging in any serious academic work on campus. P.S this is just for the SHARKS!

University students using their laptops

4. You get to learn new skills

Aside from academic work, you can learn new skills that you think will be beneficial to you. While not engaging in serious academic work, you can learn skills like graphic designing and others that you are interested in.

University of Ghana, Happy Black Students
Happy Students

5. Exam pressure is reduced

Most tertiary institutions in Ghana are carrying out their interim assessments and end-of-semester examinations online. Students, hence, are no longer experiencing the pressure that comes with writing exams in examination halls. This is good right?

Students learning

source: kuulpeeps.com

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