The Exchange Tales: Totime Matteo On His Year Living And Studying In Spain

Totime Matteo

Totime Matteo, a Spanish Language student at the University of Ghana, is currently on an exchange programme in Spain for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Totime is based at the University of Cádiz (Universidad de Cádiz), a public university located in the province of Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain.

He decided to take advantage of the exchange programme to explore Spain, learn the culture, and also to learn and become better at the Spanish language.

“Spain was the best option for me, in terms of the serenity in the country, the people, the method of teaching and learning,” he said.

Totime Matteo

However, after moving to Spain, Totime had challenges adapting to how the natives spoke the Spanish language… “It was quite a challenge but the more I interacted with them, I was able to overcome that challenge,” he said.

As he became more comfortable and adapted to the way of life, Totime revealed that he made quite a number of friends and is still hoping to make more, adding that his best experience so far is the people he has come across.

“The people in Cádiz in South Spain are loving and my colleagues in class are also very nice too and are willing to help, so my best experience so far is the people.”

Totime went on to state that at his exchange school, students are given a lot of freedom and their views are always taken into consideration.

He added: “Classes are made lively and over here, lessons learnt seems to be alive for me, I can resonate with lessons taught because they are practical and not far fetched.”

Totime Matteo

Totime, however, reveals that he is still yet to have his best experience in Spain. He indicated that he has not being able to engage in certain activities due to COVID-19 restrictions in the European country.

But his experinces so far has convinced him that he made a very good decision embarking on an exchange programme in Spain. He, therefore, encouraged other students to also apply for exchange programmes when such opportunities become available.

“I would 100 percent recommend that more students embarked on an exchange program because it help broaden ones horizon and gives us more knowledge to help develop our own country to be as better as the country of exchange,” he said.


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