Everything That Happens When You Go Shopping For Clothes In Accra

If you haven’t woken up early to go to Accra or any other major market in Ghana for that matter so you get the clothing items cheaper, you haven’t really lived the life. Here’s everything that happens before, during and after shopping.

1. You deliberating the night before, whether or not you really need the clothes because waking up at dawn isn’t your strong suit.

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2. Then you check online and see that “thrift” Instagram shops are selling items for over GHS 50. “Fose” GHS 50 and above de33 you won’t buy so the Accra must come on.

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3. This is you when it’s dawn and you have to wake up because you know you’ve been repeating clothes so many times that people identify you by them.

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4. Before you go, you make sure you’re looking a little “wretched” before going so they won’t think you have money and price the stuff higher. Scarf kakra, chalewote kakra, jeans kakra 😹😹

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5. This is you when the market vendors are calling you to buy stuff that aren’t on your list because your money is very limited and for specific clothes.

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6. You avoiding eye contact with everyone before they start to think you’re interested.

7. This is you when random men especially those selling jeans keep grabbing your hand in this COVID-19 season just to get your attention.

8. This is you calculating when you get an item on your list but is higher than what you estimated.

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9. You when you finally convince the person selling it to reduce the price to the amount you have. Your mum will be proud of you😹

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10. You after a hours of walking around trying to get one last item. Maybe, just maybe you should have bought it online. Sigh.

11. You when you finally get it.


12. You when you reach home and find out there are some holes in the clothes or stains you didn’t notice.

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Featured image via Daniel Neilson Oxford Street in Osu


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