4 Signs Your Old Relationships Are Affecting Your Current One

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For a lot of people, moving past the mistakes they made in their old relationships is hard. They tend to carry all that baggage into the new one they find themselves in even when they think they’ve worked on themselves. There are lots of signs that show that you’ve not let go of the past and it starts manifesting in your new relationship. Here are some of them.

1. You’re waiting for the relationship to end

This is usually done subconsciously. You’ve gone through so many break ups that your view on love and relationships have become distorted. You’re waiting for the relationship to end and when it does, you get sad but not surprised. If you have this mentality, it means you’re not fully committed in your relationship. You need to work on it, not even for the relationship, but for you yourself.

2. You’re trying to change your partner

You’re used to someone doing things a certain type of way or looking some kind of way but your new partner isn’t like that so you subconsciously try to get them to act the way you’re used to. At the end of the day, it’s you trying to fit a square peg in a round hole; it won’t work. Everyone is different and unique so the relationship will definitely be different.

3. You want your partner to constantly reassure you

If you’re still holding on to the mistakes from your past relationships, you may feel like you’re not worthy of your new partner’s love and so you keep asking them for validation and reassurance. You keep living in fear of repeating the same mistake and losing this relationship too.

4. You’re suspicious of your partner

Since your past relationships have shown you pepper, you’re a staunch member of “women will show you” or “men will always cheat” clubs. You’re always suspicious about them and always paranoid. You need to find time to heal before entering a new relationship.

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