Ghanaian Artiste Cozypols Shares The Inspiration Behind His Music And Debut Single

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Last year, the entire world was hit with a global pandemic, the “Coronavirus.” Every industry was affected and the music industry was not spared. In Ghana, the pandemic keeps on wreaking havoc, exposing all the things the industry players can do right.

Most Ghanaian artistes who made money off events and live performances had to find other sources of income. With everyone trying new things during the lockdown, some found what they really liked and that’s “Music.”

Stephen Kwabla Deku Jnr. known professionally as Cozypols, made his debut this year. Cozypols is a multi-faceted creative with interests in visual, audio, and fashion works. His creative journey started from helping his rapper friends in high school (Mfantsipim) with their flows in preparation for rap battles which then grew into ghostwriting which then lead him into music production which spilled over into music creation all together.

As a music enthusiast, Cozypols creates whatever he would personally like to hear on the airwaves. After much contemplation on releasing his debut single, Cozypols in January this year gave us a taste of what he has been working on.

After meeting Cozypols at a Music Business event, I was intrigued by his passion for music and his dedication to helping other artists grow in the industry. We had a brief conversation about the inspiration behind his music and how everything he’s done over the years has been a build to him becoming a “recording artist.”

1. Before the lockdown what were you doing in terms of music?

So before lockdown, I was building my A&R portfolio, producing, making tie-dye shirts, and styling friends who are artists. I started off heavily invested in trap music because of Nxwrth and the whole La Même movement at the time. You couldn’t call me anything other than a stan.

2. How will you describe your genre of music and what is the inspiration behind the fusion.

I won’t try to place myself in a genre because I’m always experimenting. It’s barely intentional. Half the time I make what I wake up wanting to hear and as hard as that it is I find it very satisfying for me. For inspiration, I’d say everything I come across inspires me. From fashion, art, and obviously music. The interest in all genres I’d say stems from growing up with a few CDs in the house from Osibisa, James Brown, and the Ghanaian boy band favorite Westlife. I always craved to hear more music even at that age so I was always hooked on DJ Black’s Open House Party.

3. In January you dropped “Of course.” Take us through the creative process of creating an iconic tune and getting the right feature with Kiddfresh

The “Of Course” has to start with DJ Kwamzy sending me the beat in 2019 after I did a couple of freestyles to his beats when I first realized I could actually be a recording act. I wrote a whole other song that I felt was too dark for consumption then fast forward to 2020 when I was just trying to find motivation during the lockdown and I happened to meet up with Kiddfresh who’s an old friend from high school at an event I was DJing. We spoke about the collaboration at the event but never finalized anything till I stumbled over that song again and I couldn’t stop hearing Fresh on it. So I scrapped the first song and wrote “Of Course”, then sent the snippet to Fresh. He sent his draft verse so quickly. So yeah then we met and recorded “Of Course.”

KiddfreshLDN in TribeOfGod. Image via KwameKoda

4. How has the response been so far from fans and listeners. Considering this is your debut single.

In all honesty, I was shocked to see people I listen to almost religiously gravitate towards it It was crazy for me because even at the time we dropped of course I wasn’t ready I was very hesitant cos I was trying very hard to serve perfection/leave no room for error forgetting the mind and what can be recreated always has a gap of at least 20%.

5. What’s next for Cozypols what should fans expect?

Expect nothing and everything. And I mean that in all honesty.

Listen to Cozypols “Of Course” Feat Kiddfresh

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