5 Things You’re Going To Want To Know Before Level 100

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Admissions came and you got into the university. It’s quite exciting, but the transition is going to feel unfamiliar. In order to make sure that you have a smooth and fun experience during your first year we’ve got a couple of pointers.

Get A Solid Group Of Friends

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Sure, the idea of having a squad sounds fun, but your first year in university is going to be a nightmare if you don’t have friends that can balance having a great time and acing every class.

Don’t Overdress

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This is pretty self explanatory. Once you start doing the most in your first year, a lot of eyes will be on you, and there’ll be tons of pressure to keep up with looking good. So go through with this if you’re only ready for the challenge!

Save Money

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It’s cool to have fun and all once you’re in school, but it’s a different kind of hurt when your friends are chilling during vacation and you’re stuck at home. Saving money is going to make your vacations a million times better, because the chilling possibilities will be endless.

Get A Good GPA From The Beginning

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There is this university myth, that once you get a good GPA in your first year, it’s most likely to go higher and higher as you progress. So it’s important to give it your all and aim at getting better and better as you progress.

Have Fun

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Don’t let the pressures of University life weigh on you. Make time to take a break and have fun, because that’s what’s going to make University fun for just about anyone.

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