Releasing New Music And 7 Incredible Takeaways From Sarkodie’s Twitter Chat With Fans

Sarkodie. Photo credit: Sarkodie/Instagram

Award-winning Ghanaian musician Michael Owusu Addo, known by the stage name Sarkodie, is one of the few musicians with an established fan base.

They have a lot of names but all of them have been sworn to one agenda – promoting the music of their king, Sarkodie.

They could be known as Sarknatives, Sarkoholics, Sarknation, and others.

However, make no mistake, the different names is not a sign of division, it’s more of a depiction of a king with different territories.

Though it is good for an artist to have a growing fan base, sometimes it becomes a daunting task trying to keep them happy.

For instance, there has been a Sarkodie music drought for the past couple of months. The last time Sarkodie fed his fan base was three months ago when he released “Come Back” featuring Moelogo.

However, judging from the energy from his fans yesterday, the three months drought is too much for them.

Sarkodie brand
image via Instagram//@Sarkodie

Yesterday, Sarkodie decided to join his fans for a heart to heart on Twitter and while the conversation was largely about new projects, they discussed other topics as well.

Easy 2021

Sarkodie has been working in the Ghanaian music industry for more than a decade now. He has been working on overdrive, releasing hits after hits and one successful album after the other.

Now, the father of two is slowing down and he is starting in 2021. This year, he is “taking it easy,” he told fans.


For an artiste on the level of Sarkodie, releasing projects have become something he will only do when he is absolutely satisfied with the work. To start recording, inspiration is a required ingredient.

He told fans that he hasn’t been inspired to record yet.

This Is Tema Fest 2021?

This Is Tema Fest is one of Sarkodie’s owned concerts.

The free concert was first organized in October 2019 and due to the pandemic, it was not held in 2020.

With active COVID-19 cases seemingly falling now and a vaccination programme underway, it seems Sarkodie and his team are monitoring the situation for a possible This Is Tema Fest 2021.

Fans Being Extra

Rihanna has starved her fans for years now, choosing to focus on building her business empire.

Sarkodie. Photo credit: Sarkodie/Instagram

However, with just three months into a no new music drought, Sarkodie’s fans have been in their feelings.

“You guys are being a little extra,” he tweeted.

Who Dey Stress Whom?

Sarkodie accused his fans of stressing him. This is still about the lack of new music conversation. A fan told Sarkodie that he was stressing them and he claimed that the reverse was rather true.

One Year Without New Music?

Sarkodie has the strong belief that his fans should be able to survive a year living on old music. He believes he has enough body of work that his fans can keep enjoying for at least a year before they start throwing tantrums about not having new music to jam to.

The UK Trip – Business Or Pleasure?

In the last couple of days, Sarkodie posted about travelling to the UK. While many believed it was a business trip and held their breath for some form of a major announcement, Sarkodie basically told his fans to give up and start breathing. According to him, the UK trip was just a “quick get away.”

The Instagram Cleansing

Sakordie has deleted all his photos and videos from his verified Instagram account. If you visit his page with 4.4 million followers, there is not a single photo or video on the main feed. There’s only one photo which is his profile picture.

This is not the first time Sarkodie has wiped out his Instagram account. The last time he did that it served as a precursor to the announcement of the “Black Love” album.

Sarkodie image via YouTube//video for Oofetso

It is unclear if that is what is happening now – which is making way for the announcement of a new project.

For now, his explanation is that he didn’t like the photos and videos on the Instagram account.

Agree with what he said or not, Sarkodie sure knows how to keep his fans engaged even when there is no new music.


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