Meet Brian Owusu-Konadu: A Master Of All The Arts

Brian Benjamin Owusu-Konadu

Not a lot of people can boast of having so many traits and qualities under their belt all at once. Some people have one skill, and they harp on that alone, but Brian Benjamin Owusu-Konadu was definitely not dealt with those cards.

A truly rare kind of creative, Brian Owusu-Konadu is indeed the master of all the arts, and we had the distinct honour of interviewing him to find out more about himself as a master creative and how he has tapped into his entrepreneurial side with such talent.

Brian Benjamin Owusu-Konadu

Brian, an Information System Sciences student of the Regent University College of Science and Technology, defines himself as a multi-disciplinary artist, making it his mission to shatter any known creative barriers in Ghana and making it a point to inspire people all over the world to awaken their inner creative genius, just as he has, and he continues to do.

Dappling in the fields of writing, creative coaching, and now photography, Brian’s creativity knows no boundaries, and it is very much recognizable in every single facet of both his work life and his academic education.

Brian Benjamin Owusu-Konadu

Brian can you give us a little insight on your creative agency, Creatives Connect?

“Well, Creatives Connect is made up of a team of like-minded creatives in diverse fields working together to create a platform that can exhibit art in its purest forms. We intend to touch every part of the creative scene and to be a bridge between the average creative and achieving their creative goals.”

How do you balance between school and work?

“I haven’t really struggled in balancing these two very demanding parts of my life. Thankfully for me, classes were mostly online when most of my work started, so there was no clash whatsoever until quite recently, of course, when we started face-to-face classes. Whenever I notice school and work will clash though, I tend to delegate tasks to my teammates who just so happen to be less occupied at that time. This has helped me so much in planning well, and I trust them to execute things perfectly, just as I would.”

Brian Benjamin Owusu-Konadu

Would you say your passion for creativity in general sparked that sense of diving into different fields, like photography?

“Believe it or not, sometimes I peep my Instagram feed and sometimes I’m impressed, but other times, I’m beyond embarrassed! I call Instagram especially my scrapbook. Unlike most people, my feed is littered with photos of myself and my personal life, as well as the shots I take with my camera. A beautiful mess is what I like to call it. As for diving into different fields, it’s more of a curiosity-based feeling. I have such a deep love for the arts, and once I resonate with it, I’ll most definitely like to try it for myself. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s all a part of the creative process, I guess.”

Brian Benjamin Owusu-Konadu during a photography session

What are some of the creative avenues you’ve been a part of that have played a huge role in your infinite obsession with creatives?

“There are two avenues I can boldly say have played a role in my passion for creatives. The first one is my very own agency, Creatives Connect. It has been such a learning experience, and working with so many people in different fields like movies, photography, podcasts, books, you name it, has left an indelible mark on me. The second is the “Free The Youth Institute”, which was a program I was beyond privileged to go through with various young creatives in Ghana, that were handpicked by Joey Lit, co-founder of the popular fashion brand and NGO “Free The Youth”. It has been amazing learning how to express myself and my art through this program especially, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity.

Brian Benjamin Owusu-Konadu

What does the future hold for you on this journey?

“Currently, I’m working more and more. The creative industry doesn’t have an end, meaning there’s no excuse for me to slack, especially at this point in my career, which I’m so grateful to have. I’m working on a couple of editorials and other pieces which may be published in the very near future. I also intend to keep capturing moments with my camera and my photos. Dressing up in my fun DIY outfits, helping creatives everywhere crush their goals, there’s truly so much to look forward to in the future, and I can’t wait to share what is to come very soon to the world.”


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