6 People Talk About The Point When They Realized That The University Wasn’t A Joke

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We all heard the stories about how the University was a fun place to be in when we were in Senior High School. We were told that we can do anything we wanted to do and study last minute and still pass. We were told that we can do “chew and pour” and pass and go our merry way because what you learn in one semester will not be used in the next semester. They lied to us, put us in a bottle and sealed it. Now we know better. We had a chat with 6 people and they told us about the point in the University where they realised that the place was not an easy place.

1. Ama, University of Ghana

I think it was the moment when I saw my level 100 first semester results. The kind of things I saw on the screen of my laptop made me adjust my life. I’m a fine girl and fine girls don’t make such grades so I sat up. Also, before the University, I used to hear things like, what you learn in one semester won’t be used in another semester but no oo! Every class I enter now, the lecturer says we are building on what we learnt last semester. It’s really not easy oo.

2. Rina, University of Ghana

For me, this moment happened multiple times over the course of my stay in school but the first one was in level 100. Math 101. I just knew I had to sit up. The second time was when we studied Biochemistry. I can never forget that feeling of helplessness. I didn’t understand anything even though I paid attention in class. I tried solving past questions and even got myself involved in group studies but they all proved futile. My prayer before that exam was to not get an E or F because that rewriting thing de33, I wouldn’t do it.

3. Emma, KNUST

Mine was in my second year. From level 100 to 200, I was just chilling instead of learning and building my CWA. I used to learn just one week to exams. At the end of the first semester in level 200, I had failed 3 courses. Nobody told me to wake up and study.

4. Sophia, University of Ghana

In level 200 first semester, I studied for a paper and failed. I went to see the lecturer and he kept laughing at me the whole time. A whole me! Lmao. I realised that these lecturers will keep “mafia-ing” you until you become “cool” with them.

5. Charlotte, University of Ghana

Level 200 oo, level 200! I didn’t know what to do with my life. Everything was just “basaa”. I was just trying to survive in the school. Lectures, love life, finances. Everywhere and everything was just confusing but once I got them figured out, I sailed through.

6. Emelia

When I dropped to Second Class Lower in level 300, all the “play left my eyes”. Can you imagine? Almost in level 400 and your grades drop outrageously. I immediately started studying hard and it eventually paid off.

Could you relate to any of these stories? Do you want to tell us your own story? Leave your comment in the comment section.

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