Things You Expect From An Internship And The Different Realities On The Ground

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We all go into an internship with some expectations, whether we’ve said them to ourselves or not. Some of those expectation might be met, but it’s still a good idea to know beforehand what the actual reality on the ground is going to be once you start your internship.

Interns Only Get Sent To Buy Food And On Errands

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Although it’s true that your supervisor might ask you to go buy them food during breaks, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t also going to do important work. You work and your input might end up making a real impact. And if you feel under-challenged at work, just asked to be assigned more real tasks. Supervisors always love interns that show initiative.

What You Learned In School Prepared You For What’s Coming

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When you finally start your internship, you’re going to realize that what you’ve learned in school doesn’t give you the solutions to real world problems you’re going to face. When your internship starts, you have to be prepared to adjust and learn because you’ll be presented with situations that you’ve not been exposed to before.

No One Will Even Know Who You Are

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If your plan as an intern is just to blend into the background, then you’ve got something else coming. You’ll be surprised that weeks into your internship almost every person in your office is going to know your name and will be interested in your personal life (like what you plan to do after school).



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