How To Balance A Busy Internship And A Relationship

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One of the things that you’ll come to realize as a working adult is that it’s quite difficult to balance a demanding job with the relationships in your life. As intern as you’ll be experiencing this balancing act for the first time. Here some help along the way.


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If your internship is tasking, you might not have a lot of energy left over to interact with your partner. That isn’t really your fault. However, leaving them on read or sparse replies are something that you can choose to avoid. Just explaining that you’re going to be occupied can put their minds at ease and not make it feel like you’re avoiding them.

Share Memes

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Social media is one of those things that helps us stay in touch even when we’re not in touch. If you find yourself scrolling through your feed when you have a few minutes, you can share something that you think is interesting with your partner. That way they know that they’re on your mind.

Make Time

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The final is just to make time. It’s easy to tell when someone is making an active effort to be in your life. Even if you’re busy, once you stop trying things are only going to go downhill.



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